For wildlife rangers, the basics can make all the difference.

Why Wildlife Rangers?

Protecting nature's assets

Our planet is the foundation by which society exists upon. It is collapsing at record speeds. It requires relentless action, from real people. The response is underway already, but perhaps you've never heard or seen them.

Wildlife rangers protect the lands, the forests, the waters and the skies from increasing pressures of humankind. From poaching and logging, to community pressure, wildlife rangers act as the final frontier between fragile ecosystems and the firm hands of humankind.

They work 24/7, 365 to protect our planet, from the foothills of Asia to the forests of South America, and everywhere in between.

we equip and empower wildlife rangers to protect nature at scale

We provide tangible, cost effective, long lasting and often sustainable support to a range of conservation partners across Africa and Asia. We support wildlife rangers with basics from boots to period products, from socks to shelter. In doing so, we ensure a better working world for those working in essential but exceptionally challenging conditions.

starting with the basics

nearly 50%

of wildlife rangers lack access to the basic products to do their jobs, protecting nature from poachers, wildlife traffickers and criminals. Often, wildlife rangers go without socks, boots, adequate uniform, shelter and more.

rangerlab's focus. simple. effective. essential.

By focussing on the absolute basics of a wildlife ranger's hierarchy of needs, we can create lasting impact for the performance, dignity and morale of incredible individuals protecting nature with their lives and energies.


a boost of morale

Our support puts smiles on faces, and reminds wildlife rangers that they are not alone in their pursuits of a better natural world.

a sense of dignity

Our support ensures that wildlife rangers are able to live in dignity in-and-out of their working space.

an improved performance in the field

Our support ensures wildlife rangers can push further, for longer in the toughest conditions on Planet Earth.

Suited & booted.

200 winter jackets

Winter can get bitterly cold for wildlife rangers working in the Kafue National Park, Zambia. RangerLab funded the arrival of brand new winter jackets for two hundred wildlife rangers in the park, ensuring they are warm in cool mornings and dusky dawns. This was done in collaboration with our friends at the Olsen Animal Trust.

Two hundred reasons to get up and at it.

some recent successes with the support of our generous donors and partners

period products in chizarira, zimbabwe

Female health is a key focus for our support for wildlife rangers. Women in the field, often working remotely, are without access to quality period products, women in the field. Slowly but surely, we're supplying industry leading period products to conservation partners to ensure a safer period for female rangers.

New kit and equipment on the roof of the world

Working with conservation partners, the High Asia Habitat Fund, we've been able to supply a range of equipment to help ensure comfort in the field. From a new semi-permanent kitchen facility in the mountains, to upgraded thermal clothing, we're improving the lives of those working in the field in countries such as India and Kyrgyzstan.

Socks for the winners of the wildlife ranger challenge

We are stoked to be supporting the great work of the team over at Tusk, who are organising this year's Wildlife Ranger Challenge.

We've committed to offering a pair of our RangerLab socks for every winner across all of the competitions.

we need your support!


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