our impact pillars

It’s a simple, yet fundamental fact that the better the support wildlife rangers have access to, the more wildlife and habitats are protected. Our role is to supply teams on-the-ground with decent equipment and ongoing support to improve their performance, ensure dignity and boost morale. We work closely with our partners to understand what’s needed, where it’s needed most.


Aspects relating to the extent to which a wildlife ranger or the wider unit can be effective in their roles.


Aspects relating to the extent to which an individual wildlife ranger feels that they can live with self-decency, in their day-to-day lives.


Aspects relating to the confidence, enthusiasm and spiritedness of both the individual wildlife ranger and the collective wildlife ranger unit.

why our funding means something real

Wildlife rangers can be the forgotten face of conservation. Every day, they battle immense challenges: armed conflicts, fires, floods and more, often with very limited resources or support. With every project we support, we consult with men and women on-the-ground to understand what they need to carry out their job effectively and supply them with the right tools. It’s niche, focused work that has a huge impact.


We look for conservation partners working in fragile ecosystems that can demonstrate effective processes and management - prioritising those with the biggest opportunity for impact. 

Alongside this, we need to know there is room for improvement relating to our Three Impact Pillars of Performance, Dignity and Morale. This ensures that we are generating the most value out of our grant making activities