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RangerLab is a non-profit organisation that equips and empowers wildlife rangers to protect nature at scale. 

We work with a variety of high-impact, on-the-ground conservation partners working across land, marine and altitude environments.

We are a registered charity in the United Kingdom. Our charity number is 1198948. We were officially registered in May 2022. We are also registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

We began our mission after discovering that of the global wildlife ranger workforce felt like they didn't have the adequate basic personal equipment and provisions to do their job effectively. Our Founder, Lew Bedford, began ringing up friends and contacts sharing this story and slowly but surely, building a community of action-takers to improve this challenging statistic. 

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You can donate via the donate button on this website. Our funds are processed by our fundraising software at Enthuse and passed through to us.

We work closely with local partners on the ground who coordinate and implement conservation projects. The landscapes they protect are often remote and challenging to access. We also want to emphasise the importance of local talent receiving opportunities in these ecosystems. Because of this we don't coordinate or have volunteer opportunities abroad. 

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Yes, and proudly so. We believe in The Fundraising Code and the importance of a regulated fundraising environment.

RangerLab Studios is our trading subsidiary. This means we can trade as a Community Interest Company, or CIC, alongside running the charity. These are separate organisations, but the CIC's sole purpose is to support the growth of the charity, and that is why 100% of the profits of our trading go back into the charity, at the end of each financial year. RangerLab Studios CIC Company Number is 14973014.